Stand up, speak out and act: White Ribbon Day 2018

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14 November 2018
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Stand up, speak out and act: White Ribbon Day 2018

Domestic Violence Against Women


White Ribbon Day is held annually in November as a global campaign against domestic violence. The campaign aims to bring awareness and encourage both men and women to speak about domestic violence and end the ongoing violence against women. Females continue to live in a world where they experience high levels of violence and abuse perpetrated by men.

White Ribbon is an organisation that works to bring about prevention awareness, programs and campaigns across Australia in schools, workplaces and through the broader community. The campaigns are designed to reach out to both men, women and young people and connect with them to encourage social change to end violence against females.


What can you do?

We shouldn’t just think about domestic violence on one day in each year. There are many things individuals can do to take part at any time including; educating yourself, attending fundraisers and events, posting on social media platforms or get your workplace, school or community involved.

Importantly, if you hear or see violence or abuse against a female SPEAK UP NOW!

The website link to White Ribbon Day for further information on what you can do to help:



1 in 5 women have experienced sexual violence since the age of 15.

1 in 2 women has experienced sexual harassment during her lifetime.

1 in 4 women have experienced emotional abuse by a current or former partner since the age of 15.

One average 1 woman a week is murdered by her current or former partner.

40% of women continue to experience violence from their partner after separation

1 in 6 women have experienced stalking since the age of 15.

Indigenous women are 32 times more likely to be hospitalised due to family violencethen non-indigenous women.

Domestic and family violence is the leading cause of homelessness for women and children.


Impacts of Family Violence and our Children

Unfortunately, domestic violence often leads to children being exposed to family violence, child abuse and harassment and intimidation. Young people and children exposed to family and domestic violence are impacted gravely; including on their mental health, social well-being and are at a higher risk of perpetrating violence or being a victim violence in the future.

Children and young people simply should not be exposed to domestic or family violence, abuse or intimidation. Educating our young people about ways to break to the cycle of violence is important. For social change to occur, our young people need to be mentored in respectful relationships and need to challenge the existing sexist attitudes of adults, particularly men in our society.


Young People and Facts

1 in 5 students have been sexually harassed in a university setting.

1 in 4 young people think its pretty normal for guys to pressure girls into having sex.

1 in 6 women experienced abuse before the age of 15.

1 in 3 young people don’t think controlling someone is a form of violence.


For Victims

SPEAK UP NOW! Tell a friend, family member, work colleague or an adult if you are experiencing family or domestic violence. It is never too early or too late to speak up. If you fear for the safety of yourself or your children get to a safe place and phone the Police or someone you trust.

There are a broad range of services available that you can contact to assist you:

Jennys Place- helps women and children in the Newcastle area find safety: (02) 49 296 289

Carrie’s Place (Maitland): (02) 4934 2585

Domestic Violence Resource Centre – for information and support in Newcastle: (02) 49 278 529

Domestic Violence Line – for 24 hour support and advice: 1800 656 463

Samaritans Newcastle and NSW- Provide support services and assistance throughout Newcastle and the Mid-North Coast: 1300 656 336  AND   024960 7100

Community Hub Kempsey: 02 6562 3705

Kempsey Women’s Refuge: 02 6562 8411

Great Lake Manning Homeless Support Service: 02 6539 3400

Catholic Care: Offers multiple programs, support and advice to both victims and perpetrators of domestic, family violence and abuse. Located in Mayfield: (02) 4979 1120

Hunter Women’s Centre: (Mayfield) (02) 4968 2511

Women’s Legal Advice Line: 1800 801 501

For Perpetrators

If you have been the perpetrator of domestic violence STOP and SPEAK UP NOW! Get help, it is never too early or too late to get help.

White Ribbon Domestic Violence Hotline: (Mens Service) 1300 766 491

Domestic Violence Advice Line: 1800 810 784

Engage Court program: if you have been charged with domestic violence related offences. Call or text: 0402 084 628

Relationships Australia: 1300 364 277


Our Office may be able to assist you with legal advice or legal representation if you are the victim of domestic violence.



Notations and Links

Statistics in this blog have been collected from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (2017), Personal Safety Survey retrieved from: