2 June 2017

Hemp and Medicinal Marijuana Legislation and Regulations NSW

Medicinal Marijuana The legalisation of medicinal marijuana in Australia is an evolutionary step in the progression of the health industry. America sparked this trend back in 1973 when the first American State, Oregon begun to […]
23 February 2017

Jana’s Campaign Receives National Award

Hays (KAN) – Jana’s Campaign, Inc. has received national recognition for its teen dating violence prevention program. In January, the Mary Byron Project of Louisville, Kentucky, awarded Jana’s Campaign with the “Commended Program Award” as […]
22 February 2017

Violation of Human Rights in Youth Detention Centres

Written by Erin Nulty Children have a special vulnerability that require extraordinary means of protecting their rights and ensuring adequate protection against undue harm. Recent human rights violations have come to light within Australian youth detention centres, […]
2 December 2016

Defending a Will

After a person has died, their Will may come under challenge. Challenges can take several forms, but the principal ones are: A challenge to the validity of the Will itself A challenge to what a […]
6 August 2015

Victims of Domestic Violence

It is a disturbing and regrettable truth that more than one woman dies every week in Australia as a result of domestic violence. ^ Our Director, Joplin Higgins, was recently invited to be guest speaker […]