The Joplin Team

The Joplin Lawyers Team

Joplin Lawyers is a respected boutique law firm best known for its experience in Family Law matters. We also work with clients in the legal matters of Criminal Law, Conveyancing, Wills, Estate Planning and Succession Planning.

Joplin Higgins

Director | Lawyer

(02) 6572 2442

Selected as one of only ten Westpac Social Change Research Fellowships to further her work in domestic violence reduction programmes, our Director Joplin Higgins is internationally recognised as a fearless leader and ‘vocal and dynamic advocate for domestic violence awareness’. Focused on making a difference, she is tackling the issues of domestic violence differently.

Joplin prides herself on offering astute legal representation and her emphasis on warm personal attention. She views her clients as partners and focuses on building long-term relationships with them. She is committed to offering responsive services and obtaining satisfactory completions to her client’s legal matters.

``Our end game is that you are safe, secure, happy and set up with
the best future possible.``

Donna Smith


(02) 49 323 620

Donna is available to travel to all courts and takes instructions in all legal matters. She understands that each criminal law client is facing a difficult situation. She is passionate about helping them understand the situation they find themselves in and aims to assist them in moving forward as quickly and sensibly as possible. Prior to completing her Law Degree Donna worked within the NSW Police Force for over 20 years.
``Joplin Lawyers is a way of life. I love how passionate every single member of the team is about the law and helping our clients.``

Emily Ostler


(02) 4932 3620

Emily has extensive advocacy experience and regularly represents clients in Family Court, Federal Circuit Court, Children’s Court and Local Court. She also has experience in alternative dispute resolution and assists clients through the negotiation and mediation process in family law.
``I am proud of the fact that Joplin Lawyers is committed to making a difference to those most vulnerable in society.``

Kerril Hoswell


(02) 6572 2442

Kerril works principally in Family Law. She has extensive experience in Family Law Property Settlements, Consent Orders and Divorce. She likes assisting people, particularly with Consent Orders and has an eye for data patterns which is useful when collating property settlement information.
``I really value the way the Joplin teams collectively strives to help clients achieve successful outcomes.``

Emily Thorn


(02) 6545 9626

Emily is a general practitioner and works predominantly in property law and commercial law.

She completed a Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Arts at the University of Wollongong and a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice at the Australian National University. She was admitted to practice in 2015.

``I love being a part of such a passionate and supportive team of inspiring women at Joplin Lawyers.``

Caitlin Jones

Law Graduate

(02) 6572 2442

Caitlin is a law graduate in our family law team based in Singleton.  She is eager to learn alongside our skilled lawyers and to passionately engage in variety of legal matters.

Having recently graduated from University of New England with a Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Criminology, she is an asset to the team.

Caitlin relocated to the Hunter Valley in order to be closer to her family and advance her professional career within the legal field.

``I am honoured to be a part of the Joplin Lawyers team and learn from the best.``

Susannah Fuller

Law Clerk

(02) 4932 3620

Susannah is our Law Clerk and currently studying her final year of Law at the University of Newcastle.

Susannah is due to complete her Bachelor of Laws (Hons) and Diploma of Legal Practice in 2019, and will be joining our team on a full-time basis after her admission.  Susannah is passionate about family law and hopes to learn from the best here at Joplin Lawyers.

One of Susannah’s goals whilst working for Joplin Lawyers is to qualify as an Independent Children’s Lawyer in the future.

``I am inspired on a daily basis by the amazing lawyers I work with.  Joplin Lawyers is one of a kind and I am grateful to be apart of it.``

Amber Wright

Practice Manager

(02) 6545 9626

Amber is our firms practice manager.  Amber works closely with our lawyers and staff to ensure that our clients receive the Joplin experience. Proactive, friendly and results-driven I am passionate about building success through branding and improved business processes and she has over 7 year’s experience in the legal industry, which is a great asset to the Joplin Lawyers team.

Amber is currently completing her Bachelor of Business at University of New England.

``I am proud to be a part of the empowering and positive Joplin Lawyers team.``

Nikki Forester

PA to Joplin Higgins | Marketing Coordinator

(02) 6572 2442

Nikki is our Director, Joplin Higgins, right hand girl.  Nikki looks after all thing’s Joplin and is passionate about what she does.  Having over several year’s experience in the legal industry, boasting a wide range of skills to add to the Joplin Lawyers Team.

Nikki also looks after all our marketing, advertising and social media and she is currently completing her Bachelor of Business majoring in Marketing at Charles Sturt University.

``I am proud to say that I am a part of the Joplin Lawyers team.  We are a law firm that wants to empower and inspire people daily.``

Kerry Clarke

Conveyancing Administrator

(02) 6572 2442

Kerry Clarke is our Conveyancing Administrator extraordinaire!

Kerry has worked in the legal sector for 35 years. Kerry has extensive knowledge in conveyancing and probate matters. Kerry brings a enormous amount of experience to the conveyancing team.

``Being a part of the Joplin Lawyers team is a rewarding experience. We put the emphasis in our ability to be passionate and help others.``