Joplin Higgins


Joplin is the firm’s director. She primarily represents the firm’s Family Law clients and has conducted Family Law matters throughout Australia.

Joplin is a vocal and dynamic advocate for increasing the awareness of the prevalence of domestic violence in the community and a vigorous believer in the necessity of rehabilitation processes for the perpetrators of domestic violence. Joplin believes that if we do not engage in constructing a meaningful dialogue with perpetrators by way of facilitating programs through the Criminal Law Justice system there is no way to protect the victims of domestic violence.

Selected as one of only ten Westpac Social Change Research Fellowships to further her work in domestic violence reduction programmes, Joplin is internationally recognised as a fearless leader and ‘vocal and dynamic advocate for domestic violence awareness’. Focused on making a difference, she is tackling the issues of domestic violence differently.

Joplin prides herself on offering astute legal representation and her emphasis on warm personal attention. She views her clients as partners and focuses on building long-term relationships with them. She is committed to offering responsive services and obtaining satisfactory completions to her client’s legal matters.

Joplin is a member of the Independent Children’s Lawyer panel with the Legal Aid Commission of New South Wales.

Associations / Memberships

  • Law Society of New South Wales
  • Law Society of Newcastle
  • Hunter Valley Family Law Practitioners Association
  • Board of Directors Jana Campaign (Hayes, Kansas)


  • Bachelor of Laws, James Cook University
  • Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice, College of Law
  • Admitted Supreme Court of New South Wales 2008
  • Admitted High Court of Australia 2008

Joplin Higgins


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