About Us

About Us

What matters to you and to our region, personally matters to all staff at Joplin Lawyers. As a leading full-service law firm for regional Australians, we are champions of change specialising in family law, domestic violence, hemp and medicinal cannabis legislation.

For matters of the heart and on the homefront, we are internationally recognised for our forward-thinking approach and experience in family law and domestic violence. Our wealth of knowledge in estate and succession planning, wills, conveyancing and other commercial matters can help navigate even the most difficult of circumstances. Joplin Lawyers welcomes both private paying client and Legal Aid clients. We believe the law is in place to serve and protect all citizens.

Our team includes national leaders in legal issues critical to our region’s prosperity including  emerging industry opportunities like medicinal cannabis.

We don’t just solve legal problems, we search the globe for long-term solutions for you and for our community. We bring that knowledge and expertise home. We apply it every single day and we couple with the kind of five-star care, compassion and community that our local areas are renowned for. It’s a winning combination.



16 August 2019

Consent orders or parenting plans: what do I need?

Coke or Pepsi? Myer or David Jones? Consent Orders or a Parenting Plan? These are some eternal questions that there may never be a “correct” answer to… In this article, I will explore the differences […]
22 July 2019

What You Should Know About Adopting A Child In NSW

When the word “adoption” is mentioned, it is rare for anyone to bat an eye. Simple right? A parent takes a child into their care, applies for some orders and is given parental responsibility for […]

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