The Joplin Team

The Joplin Lawyers Team

Joplin Lawyers is a respected boutique law firm best known for its experience in Family Law and Domestic Violence. We also work with clients in the areas of Criminal Law, Property, Wills, Estate Planning and Succession Planning.

Joplin Higgins

Director | Lawyer

(02) 6572 2442

Joplin is our fearless Director and works closely with our Family Law and Domestic Violence team. Joplin believes that the law is in place to serve and protect all citizens. At Joplin Lawyers we don’t just solve legal problems, we search for long-term solutions.
``At Joplin Lawyers our end game is that you are safe, secure, happy and set up with
the best future possible.``

Alyssa Graney


(02) 4934 6800

Alyssa is our family law paralegal located in our Maitland office.

With several years of legal experience and a passion for family law and going the extra mile for our clients, Alyssa is a great asset to the team.

``I am proud to be a part of a team that has extensive experience and is willing to go the extra mile for their clients.``

Kerry Clarke

Conveyancing Administrator

(02) 6572 2442

Kerry Clarke is our Conveyancing Administrator extraordinaire!

Kerry has worked in the legal sector for 35 years. Kerry has extensive knowledge in conveyancing and probate matters. Kerry brings a enormous amount of experience to the conveyancing team.

``Being a part of the Joplin Lawyers team is a rewarding experience. We put the emphasis in our ability to be passionate and help others.``

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